Herz Sticht

Ein Film von Michaela Resch


Herz Sticht  is the story of a patchwork family that passes on emotional wounds and patterns of (mis)communication over four generations in Austria and Germany. Through combining Observational Cinema, archival footage and interviews, the director Michaela Resch dives into an intimate quest of exploring reoccurring separations in each of her family’s generation.

The 98 years old Ernestine leads through the documentary that takes place in Carinthia, Vienna, Bonn and Berlin. Resch’s relatives reflect their personal family histories, their experiences and emotions, revealing the complexities of a family system and its members. Herz Sticht opens up a sensitive discussion about memories, sense of belonging and the tension between family ideals and actual family life.


Archival material by ADOLF PIKALO†


Sound mixing by SHEN SUM SUM

Director | Producer | Story | DOP | Editor: MICHAELA RESCH

Austria/Germany 2019, 45 min



“HERZ STICHT” is a documentary about a patchwork family passing on feelings of joy and heartache over multiple generations and locations.


" It was so touching to see it, and definitely pulled on my heart strings!"

Anna-Lise Marie Hearn

-Movement Director-

"What a mindblowing film, I was really impressed!  I was glued to the screen during the whole film."

Hans De Dalmau

-Director of Photography-

"It is beautiful.We can all relate to it, it is so funny and so real!"

Arianna Marin




Michaela Resch
Michaela Resch (she, her, hers) was born in Vienna and grew up in North Rhine-Westphalia. She studied Journalism and Communication Studies at the University of Vienna as well as Social and Cultural Anthropology and Film Studies at Freie Universität Berlin. In fall 2018 she graduated from the international advanced Master’s Program Visual and Media Anthropology at FU Berlin, with her documentary “HERZ STICHT“ (Austria/Germany, completed in 2019). Her short documentary „RE:AW:RE:FW“ (Germany 2016, in collaboration with Anna Caroline Arndt) won the special award of the Foundation of the Sorbian People at the 26th Filmfestival Cottbus, and was nominated for the European film price for political child and youth documentaries ”GROSSE KLAPPE” – founded by the Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb). Since 2010 she has been working amongst other positions, as a director, author and editor for various companies and projects, such as Deutsche Welle, ALEX Berlin TV or OKTO Community TV GmbH. She engages with social justice, womxn empowerment and emotional health issues. Her focus lies on human beings and the systems they live in – combining her creative intuition with an ethnographical approach.
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